" Regarding our work "

We start working after acept the order.

We don't have any relationship with the all production company of the dolls that we used.

In addition we paint with respect all model characters and the animations

but we are not related with all corporation either.

We basically don't sell the past completed doll works.

The basic work contents are repaint and hair set.

Work cost varies according to doll size.

Basic price (repaint & hair set) :

     - 9 inch dolls : US $ 300 -
10-12 inch dolls : US $ 340 -
16-18 inch dolls : US $ 380 -

All the above work prince not include doll and shipping cost.

Regarding eyelashes and difficult hairstyle, hair reroot etc, they are additional cost.

Please consultation once because the work cost goes up and down by details of your order.

Completion of the work is about 2 - 3 months after we started work.

It takes time because we finishe with carefully.

You can choose how I repaint the doll.

You ship your doll to me or if it's not difficult to obtain doll I get a doll that are sold in Japan.

" Payment method "

We can use PayPal.

You can pay by credit card.

The US dollar will be converted to JP yen.

If you have confirmed and understand the above,

please contact me from the following e-mail address.

Thank you.


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